Solar Power Sessions

DJ Suzy Solar & Guests (Trance music DJ sets)

PSYence Project at MORPH Nightclub, St Pete, Aug 10,19

Suzy Solar’s two hour psytrance set at “PSYence Project,” MORPH Nightclub, St. Pete, Florida, August 10, 19


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01. Coming Soon!!! x Waio – Create The Machine (Extended Mix) [Who’s Afraid Of 138]
02. Mad Tribe – This Is Wonderful (Original Mix) [United Beats Records]
03. Lyktum & Spiritual Mode – Primordial Spiral (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
04. Oracc – Encounter (Original Mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
05. Spirit Architect & Djantrix – Alien Nest (Original Mix) [Dacru Records]
06. Lyktum – Sacred Plants (NaiLiK Remix) [Iono Music]
07. A-tech & Overdrive – Atomic Drive (Original Mix) [Dacru Records]
08. Alienatic – Matrix (Original) [Digital Om]
09. Sidekicks – Chased Through the Woods (Original Mix) [BMSS Records]
10. Katharsis – Main Core (Original Mix) [Nutek Asia]
11. Faders – Aura (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology]
12. Electric Universe & Volcano – Akasha (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology]
13. Ace Ventura – Rebirth (Spectra Sonics Remix) [Future Music Records]
14. A-tech & Overdrive – Hoffman’s Legacy (Original Mix) [Dacru Records]
15. 1200 Micrograms – Like A Balloon (Original Mix) [Tip Records]
16. Shivatree – Hyperactive (Original Mix) [TesseracTstudio]
17. Outsiders & Killerwatts – Space Travel (Galactic Explorers Remix) [Sacred Technology]
18. Mad Tribe – Spaced Out (Original Mix) [Tip Records]
19. Mad Tribe – Keys to the Universe (Stryker Remix) [United Beats Records]
20. Triton – The Wicked Witch of Midwest (Original Mix) [BMSS Records]
21. Spiritual Mind, Akasha (BR) – Pills (Original Mix) [Mosaico]
22. Avalon & Volcano – Good Twist (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology]
23. Azax & Bliss – War on the Ground (Mystery Sense Remix) [Nutek Records]
24. Astral Projection – Dancing Galaxy (Galactic Explorers Remix) [Sacred Technology]
25. Avalon & Burn In Noise – Time & Space (Spirit Architect Remix) [Dacru Records]

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